02/03/2018- My Birthday

My birthday was this week. I turned 22. For most people, they won’t think that’s old. Some people turning 22 would probably be beyond excited. But me? I’m feeling… not excited. I’ve been feeling depressed for some time now. I believe it was about the time school started that I began feeling this way. There’s … Continue reading 02/03/2018- My Birthday


03/08/2017- My Trip to San Antonio & My Birthday

Last May, Jonathan bought us some passes. These passes were to a convention called PAX South. PAX South is a gaming convention, for video games, board games, card games, really, any kind of game. It draws a big crowd from YouTubers and their subscribers. We bought our passes the day they went on sale, and … Continue reading 03/08/2017- My Trip to San Antonio & My Birthday