05/18/2017- MY ROOM TOUR

Alright, I've waited 10 years for this moment. A pretty room that is everything I  ever hoped. You guys have waited about 2 months for this post. Well, I've waited 2 months for this post anyway. In March 2017, we were finally able to start work on my room. We painted the walls, the ceiling, … Continue reading 05/18/2017- MY ROOM TOUR


04/11/2017- My First Tattoo

So, I got a tattoo on March 15th. And it was awesome! I figure people will have questions about the process, and some people will want to know why I chose it and my thoughts on it, now that it has been almost a month. Who did it/where did you go?             I went to … Continue reading 04/11/2017- My First Tattoo