A Look Back on 2018.

So, at the beginning of this year, I gave myself some resolutions.Let’s revisit those, shall we?

  • Work on the blog
  • Photo-a-day challenge
  • Save money for a camera
  • Finish a book
  • Get healthy

Of those things, I think the only one that was successful,was saving money. Do I have a new camera? No. BUT, I do still have the gift cards that were given to me last Christmaswhen I started saving for the camera. So that’s good, I guess.

The blog? It’s okay, right? We got YouTube videos, we gotlife updates, and a couple lifestyle pieces. I wasn’t as active as I wanted tobe, but guess what? Next year I won’t have any classes, so I’ll (hopefully)have the time to put toward the blog, YouTube, and Instagram.

Photo challenge, schmoto challenge, amirite? Hah hah hah…Yeah, that worked for the first month and a half. But I posted about every twoweeks, so it could’ve been much worse. And the whole point anyway was to workon my photography! Which I definitely did. Hell, Robin and I had a wholephotoshoot in Denton. I got to work on portraits and my editing. Although, I never even posted those pictures. Goodthing I can put them on this post! Some of them anyway.

Did I finish a book?

Absolutely not.

However, in the first half of the year, I got a lot written.But they’ve been sparsely touched since then. Like the blog!

Ah, the big one, the resolution that every single humanmakes at new year’s: lose weight, get healthy, join a gym, etc. I did loseweight, especially at the beginning of the year, because I was on that dietpill. But I ended up stopping that because it was making me depressed and evenmore self-loathing. I have continued to lose a bit of weight. In this year, I havegone from the first hole on my belt to bouncing between the last two. I feellike I haven’t lost anything in my legs or arms, but my waist and tummy have donesome slimming.

But honestly, I am healthier.Mentally anyway. I’ve learned to love myself, I’ve learned to stand on my own, I’velearned to be single. I have learned to appreciate my friends. I now appreciatemyself and my abilities. I believe I can do anything, be anything, and that allcame from this year.

An end of the year resolution? Sure:

  • Know that I am capable.

And I definitely aced that one.

Like I said in the previous post, this year was a year of many struggles. But through it all, I cameout better. The better version of me. That person will go into 2019 withone resolution, and I hope everyone else can find it in themselves to followthis resolution/mantra-I-stole-from-my-fave-youtuber, MissRemiAshten:

Be unstoppable.

Have a great new year’s! I’ll see you in 2019:)

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