A Couple of Favorites


When I go shopping for calendars, I’m picky af. Not only does it have to match me as a person, but it has to match the aesthetic of the room it’ll be in. For years, I just bought calendars that matched me. But once we finished my room, I knew that I had to be particular, because my room looked good, so whatever I bought had to fit right in.

Searching for calendars online is how I found Rifle Paper Co. It’s a huge stationary maker, as well as other products, like coffee mugs and phone cases. I immediately fell in love with their online store, as well as their Instagram. The downside however, is that they are a bit expensive. Both of the calendars I’ve bought have been between $18-$27, but totally worth it because they’re so damn pretty!IMG_4743

Now, as much as I love Rifle Paper, I don’t really want to pay $26 plus shipping (although I have!), so it’s very lucky that they happen to have products in one of my other favorite stores: Anthropologie!

I discovered Anthro through my sister-in-law, who bought me a mug from there for Christmas once upon a time. Their stores are always SO gorgeous inside, and they have a collection of clothing, home wares, and everything in between. Once again, a bit on the expensive side (and they don’t carry plus-size clothing), but soooo worth the money.


Anthro is where I’ve picked up the majority of my Rifle products. The calendar I got for this year, and my last phone case. Speaking of, I got that phone case on sale for $19, marked down from $35! ALL of the Rifle phones cases are beautiful and definitely need a look over. My newest phone case, for my iPhone X is Rifle Co. but bought from AT&T.


One of my favorite things that Anthro carries are books! They have a combination of coffeetable books, and regular nonfiction. I recently (like almost a year ago) bought a book from them called “The New Paris,” which details how Paris has changed over the years. As anyone that knows me can tell you, I’m obsessed with Paris. And I actually had to debate with myself over whether to get the one I got, or a photography book of Paris in the Spring.

Okay, well I just wanted to tell you guys about a couple of my favorite stores, and I hope you take the time to check them out! Totally worth your while.



PS- Amazon also carries a bunch of Rifle Paper stuff!

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