05/08/2018- UPDATE

Hello! It has been a struggle of a semester. After spring break, I started two new classes and ended another one before spring break. In total, I was taking 4 classes, and two of them were night classes in Fort Worth. Anyway, the end of the semester is this week, and several things are going down.

  1. Waiting for grades to come in. It looks like I will have 3 A’s by the end. That’s exciting!
  2. I will be going to Galveston to celebrate my best friend graduating!
  3. My job will be moving into our new store! By the way, I got a new job, working for Old Navy.

So, because the semester and job has been a bit on the crazy, some things have taken a downhill plunge when it comes to priority. Those things include: my health, weight loss, pills, and overall room cleanliness.

BUT I did recently clean my room and I have some before and afters. So enjoy some pictures, featuring my pup!

SPEAKING OF! I made my dog an Instagram: @dizzygizzythepup, check him out!



Yes, I still sleep with my childhood stuffed animal on my bed. Little Dog likes to cuddle him…

All that I left for room projects are:

  • organizing craft box
  • painting a shelf
  • DIYing some pillows

Alright guys, that’s it for now! I leave for Galveston Friday morning and I will come home with a big ol’ blog post of pictures!!


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