03/12/2018- Magnolia Silos

img_0656For spring break this year, I got a whole week off, to spend with Jonathan in San Marcos. As I’m writing this, it’s only day two of break, and I’m not even with him, cause he’s at work. At the job he works now, he works nights on Saturday and Sunday, and so I’ve spent the last two nights alone, with just the cats and Twitch. It’s been a very boring existence.

Anyway, Jonathan actually came into town late img_0670on Wednesday night/early Thursday morning with his sister and brother-in-law, because we were all getting together to see his little sister at her One Act Competition on Thursday. He stayed with me on Thursday night, and we left for San Marcos together, Friday afternoon.

img_0658We had always wanted to go to the Magnolia Silos, but for some reason, could never quite push ourselves that way. But this trip, we did!

We didn’t spend very long there, and I didn’t even get to get one of those silly pictures under the #MilestoMagnolia arch. But I still got some pretty shots, and we got to try out the bakery. There was a line, but it surprisingly went fast. I got a lemon lavender cupcake, and Jonathan got some kind of breakfast type muffin with cheese and bacon.img_0672

They had a whole bunch of food trucks around, and if we had had more time, or more money, we probably would’ve tried some more stuff out, but instead, all we got was a tea from the Alabama Sweet Tea truck. It was really good, and we got this super cute, super heavy mason jar to keep!

I would definitely like to go back when we’re in a place of our own, looking for décor, but we’d have to save up a bit of money before we could purchase anything really nice.

It was lots of fun, and I’m happy we had the chance to go!

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