01/08/2018- Projects for the New Year

So, I couldn’t think of what to write about. My best friend told me to write about her, but I wasn’t sure I could make that a full-fledged piece (sorry Robin!). Luckily, I remembered I have a whole board on Pinterest specifically geared toward my blog. Not only do I have blog tips and tricks saved on there, but I also have blog ideas. I picked one out that I thought would be a good idea for this week’s post, and my first post of 2018.

“What creative project(s) do you want to start or make progress on this year?”

This is, fortunately, quite an easy question.

Obviously I’m trying to jumpstart the blog again. Not only for you that read it, but for myself. It’s a good place to come when I want to talk about my feelings, or things that are happening in my life. It also allows me to share my interests, like photography or storytelling.

Another thing I’m working on this year is a photo challenge a YouTuber I love is also doing. She’s posting a picture-a-day on one of her social medias, in order to share more, but also to help her learn more about photography and technique. I’ve taken up the challenge as well. So far, I have posted eight pictures to Instagram. I’ve learned that I’m pretty good with natural lighting, when the perfect lighting is in my space. However, I take all my photos and do all my editing on my phone. In other words, the quality can really suck sometimes. A small goal for this year is to save up money to get a camera. I already have the one I want picked out, now it’s just a matter of getting the rest of the money together for it.


Now the big project I have for this year is finishing one of the three books I’ve been working on. One is part of a trilogy, which are adult romance novels. The second is a little thing I started writing for Wattpad a thousand years ago, but have actually made progress on last year. And the last one, my favorite one, is a young adult novel, that may be a bit on the long side. I have 40+ pages right now, and it’s the one that’s kept my interest the longest. It’s my favorite cause I really like the story. It’s a romance, but I think the subject is a lot of fun. I really hope that it, or the Wattpad one is the one I finish this year.

Okay guys, that about answers that question. I think I really like the idea of picking out a question from the list of ideas and writing about it. I do want to try and come up with more original things, like a DIY idea or writing life updates, but until I get back into the groove of things, I think this will be a good idea. Hopefully.

Let me know what your goals or resolutions are for this year, I’d love to hear them!

Thanks, Kaylie

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