06/13/2017- Writing Atmosphere

Let’s talk about writing.

I discovered my love for writing when I was either 12 or 13 years old. I know I was in the 7th grade, and had just read the Twilight books. That’s important to note because my first ever book was basically Twilight, just with different characters.

My main character’s name was Spade Johnson (c’mon really?), and she was in love with a vampire named Christian who she met while attending high school. Most of the characters, besides my main two, were based off people in my own life. Christian’s little sister was my cousin, the other love interest, a werewolf named Seth, was based off a boy I was talking to at the time. And then there were these twins, who were Spade’s best friends, and I think they were also vampires? Or a vampire and a werewolf? I’m not sure. But they were based off two of my closest friends at the time, who are actually twins.

Since finding my love for writing in the 7th grade, I have gone on to write a lot of stories. I have only finished two of them, my vampire book, and a short story about an assassin and his mark. Both books were only about 30 Microsoft Word pages long. And they are awful.

The reason I started writing this piece, is because I wanted to talk about atmosphere. Like the kind of space I need to be in to write. My boyfriend and I were having a talk about that kind of thing the other day, and it’s pretty interesting. We have such different ideas of what our perfect atmosphere is to us. I won’t discuss his, because well, this is my blog. Heh.

My atmosphere is a coffee shop, for the smell and for the people. I love to people watch. A big portion of my character inspiration comes from people I see randomly in everyday life. Anyway, I like to be sitting in a corner, either on a big couch or in a booth with a little table. I have a coffee or a tea next to me. Coffee if I’m tired, tea if I’m feeling anxious or upset. Now, I love coffeehouse music. It helps me focus so well! However, being able to hear others’ conversations, totally brings me out of it. So, I usually have my headphones plugged in with Spotify open, playing a soundtrack (How to Train Your Dragon is my go-to), or the playlist called Coffeehouse. Like I said, I dig that music. Its rhythm flows right to the back of my head and keeps my story up front, allowing for focus and good vibes.

That’s about it, haha! Coffee shops, music, and a caffeinated drink. At the moment, besides working on the blog, I’m trying really hard to only focus on two writing projects. One is a story I have up on Wattpad (constantly in edit mode), and the other is an adult romance, that I’m hoping to make into a trilogy. But man, that world is a lot of work.

Okay, that’s all I have for today! Have a good night:)


Are you a writer? Do you have a perfect atmosphere? What is it?

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