06/07/2017- Wedding Weekend

Okay, before we even get into the post, I want to apologize for being so damn late. The past two (three?) weeks have been spent moving into Jonathan’s for the summer. We’ve been trying to move me in, clean up the place, and find a new apartment for him. At the end of July, we’ll have to leave here and move somewhere else. Luckily, yesterday we found a good place. We like the people, the building, and we’ll be able to move in there around the same time we have to be out of here. Alright, that’s enough of that.


IMG_3267On May 27th, a very good friend of mine got married. Jonathan and I were able to drive to Nacogdoches, where we stayed with friends, and attend the wedding. We didn’t have much to do on Saturday besides the wedding, so we went into downtown to walk around. I snapped a couple pictures. Then we headed back to get ready.

Unfortunately, we got super lost and missed the ceremony, arriving just as they kissed. It took everything in me not to start crying right there. We watched them walk out as husband and wife, watched bridal party pictures, and I got a picture with them in the chapel.


The reception was held in a recreation hall right next to the chapel. They had veggie plates and cheese plates laid out for guests to munch on before dinner was served. The food was great! Tacos should always be served at weddings. That’s all I got to say. They had two cakes, a chocolate on chocolate for the groom’s cake and a naked cake with fruit and some kind of a light cream for the wedding cake.

Instead of a guest book, they had these little wooden hearts you were supposed to write your name on and put into a basket. Well, guess who left without signing one? Oh yeah, us. Another thing I almost bawled about.

Before we left, Katie and I talked a little, hugged, took a couple pictures, and I tried not to cry. We also gave her and her new husband (Tim) the wedding gift we got for them. Pioneer Woman salt and pepper shakers. I figured they’d be getting some or already had some, but they were pretty and she could use them on a special occasion.

We went back to our friends’ place that night, hung out and talked with them (shout out to Cheyenne, Alex, and Paul for letting us stay with y’all!) until around 2AM. Then everyone scattered to their rooms, and Jonathan and I crawled onto our air mattress. The next morning, we headed out kind of early.

It was a beautiful weekend, seeing my friends, seeing my friend get married, and being back in Nacogdoches. I love that town and it always hurts having to leave.

Katie, if you’re reading this: I love you so much. I’m so happy for you. You made one hell of a beautiful bride. Tim is a very lucky man to get someone so intelligent, beautiful, kind, and generous as you. I hope for everlasting happiness in your marriage and your life!


Enjoy the pictures I shared.

Have you ever been to a wedding? Do you spend hours planning your imaginary wedding like I do? Follow me on Pinterest to see all my wedding boards (there’s like four)!

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