05/02/2017- My Weekend with Robin

The weekend of April 21st, I spent in Galveston with my best friend. Hence the title of this post. I got there pretty late on Friday, cause the traffic gods hate me. We went to a bar to eat and drink a little, my drink was a little too strong, and the live music was a little too country.


Saturday was the best day. We woke up early to go work with Robin’s garden club. Moved some cinder blocks and played with a dog. We had to leave that after only an hour because her friend was having a goodbye party at the beach.


The beach was nice. I love the ocean and the sun and the sand. Robin, some of her friends, and I wandered into the water, jumping waves, laughing and screaming. The water was warm and the sun was blazing. And my stupid ass declined Robin’s offer to use her higher SPF sunscreen and I got burnt. Like I’m still peeling and my shoulder is slightly blistered. Getting burnt this time (I get burnt every time I go to the beach), inspired me to throw out my low SPF tanning lotion, so that I have to buy proper sunscreen the next time.


We were out there for about two hours, just enjoying the sun and the noises of the beach. At one point, her friends started burying one of their other friends. Like that episode of Friends. You know which one I mean. When Joey becomes a mermaid.


After we got tired of the sun and everyone said their goodbyes, we headed back to the dorms for showers and to get ready for dinner. When we got back from dinner, we watched a scary movie while I packed. Both of us were pretty wiped from the beach day.

Sunday we couldn’t find anywhere for breakfast. Everything was way packed, so we ended up just grabbing breakfast burritos from a place called Henry’s, and ate them back in her dorm. And then I headed home. Well to Jonathan’s for that night, and then home Monday afternoon.

It was a pretty great weekend. Of course, I left something, but luckily she’ll be home soon from school, so I’ll get it back. I miss Robin, and it was awesome to get a full weekend with her. Plus, hangin’ at the beach ain’t so bad either.


The Strand

Where is your favorite beach? Anyone afraid of the ocean (Jonathan is!)?

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