04/11/2017- My First Tattoo

So, I got a tattoo on March 15th. And it was awesome!

I figure people will have questions about the process, and some people will want to know why I chose it and my thoughts on it, now that it has been almost a month.

Who did it/where did you go?

            I went to Smilin’ Ricks in Denton, Texas. My artist’s name is Dallas Clifton, and I 100% recommend him. Check him out on Instagram! @dallastattooclifton


Did it hurt?

            Of course it hurt. It’s needles stabbing you over and over again. However, it did not hurt as bad as I was expecting. It kinda felt like burning mixed with pins and needles. Honestly, I would say it was more uncomfortable than it was painful. It didn’t hurt enough to prevent me from getting another one in the future. But, it could’ve been the placement (my wrist/top of my arm) that kept it from hurting too much. Plus, everyone’s pain tolerance is different. I normally have a really low pain tolerance, but I could stand those needles for 30 minutes.

Do you regret it?

            Absolutely not. For the first week after I got it done, I did wonder if I had made the right choice about the placement. But after that first week, I was completely over it. So, no, I do not regret it, at all. And I don’t think I ever will. It’s my first tattoo, and it’s super pretty!



Why that? Why there?

            I have this philosophy: if you’re going to get a work of art on your body for forever, wouldn’t you want to see it? That’s why I got it on my arm. I wanted to be able to see my first tattoo, see the commitment I’ve made, and the path I’ve chosen.

As to why I got what I got? I didn’t have an answer at first. Cause they were pretty? I joked that the ribbon symbolized holding my life together, but that sounds silly. My mom and I were discussing it, and she said something about my anxiety. And it sorta clicked. When we first went in to the shop and met Dallas, I told him where I wanted it, and he said it would completely change my life. Putting a tattoo out in the public like that, people would ask questions, they’d be interested, and I would have a whole different way of life. And it was true. I’ve had someone ask to take a picture of it. In my job, I work with people all day long, and they’re always asking or commenting, or staring. So, for me, the tattoo represents conquering my anxiety. I have to talk to people, I’ve put myself into the public, and I’m owning it. I’ve told my anxiety to shut up and let me be open to people and the world. It’s probably stupid, but I even feel more confident. So, there’s not really an answer as to why flowers, but that answers why I got it in the first place.

Are you going to get more?

            Hell yeah! We got into my car after it was done, and I said I was already ready for the next one. I know what I want and where I want it. Hopefully this summer I can get it done! I’m excited about this new chapter. It’s a whole new life, a more open life, and I’m happy I did this for myself. I don’t want to be covered in tattoos, but I want more than a few. Here’s to hoping I’ll be making another one of these posts this summer!


Now I just need to figure out how to take pictures with it.


Do you have any tattoos? Do you want a tattoo/tattoos? Make sure to leave your answers in the comments!

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