03/08/2017- My Trip to San Antonio & My Birthday

Last May, Jonathan bought us some passes. These passes were to a convention called PAX South. PAX South is a gaming convention, for video games, board games, card games, really, any kind of game. It draws a big crowd from YouTubers and their subscribers. We bought our passes the day they went on sale, and it was probably one of the most exciting things I did that year (besides going to South Padre). The passes were to be sent out in December, a month and few weeks before the convention landed in San Antonio.

There was a big ordeal with our passes, but when I started typing it up, it was way long. So, I’ll keep it short. We didn’t end up getting our passes in the mail, and we had to pick up new ones at the convention. Luckily that was our only hiccup.

We went down to San Antonio on Thursday, January 26th, checked into the hotel, and just relaxed. We stayed in a Marriott Fairfield, and it was pretty nice. The people were great, the breakfast was good, and the walk to the convention center was only about ten minutes.



On the first day, we did loads of stuff. A little bit of shopping, a couple of panels, and we even lost each other for about ten minutes. When we left the convention that night, we walked to the Rivercenter Mall and walked around for a little bit, did a bit more shopping. That night we went to Walmart to get a few things and we ate real cheap for dinner.

Saturday, which is the heaviest traffic day for all PAX conventions, we slept in. Once at convention, we walked around, and then attended separate panels. We left early that day, neither of us really digging the bigger crowd. That night, we went out to a dinner and movie place and saw Sing.


Sunday was the last day of convention. We went up really late, so that we could pack and check out of the hotel. I got to take a picture with a Twitch streamer I sometimes watch, her name is Molly, or Foxtrot44 on social media. We did the bulk of our shopping that day, and then left for San Marcos around 4PM. Jonathan was going to come home with me on Monday so he could be with me on my birthday, which was that Tuesday, January 31st.


We hung out all day, bought alcohol, and had a way too expensive dinner at Olive Garden, which resulted in us both ending up a bit tipsy. Him more than me because he drinks what I can’t, like the good man he is. Then he left the next day and that was the end of our vacation.


It was the first time we had had a real vacation together, staying in a hotel, going to a big event, and then celebrating my 21st birthday. I hope we’re able to go to PAX again next year for my birthday. It was such a great experience, and I want to relive it over and over again.


Have you ever been to a convention? What kind? What’s your favorite birthday memory? Make sure to leave your answers in the comments!

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